Share A Memory Cards


Over 700 people signed the guest book at my daughter's funeral, and I'm grateful that so many took a precious day off of work to attend the morning service. Many flew in from around the country on short notice. But with such a big crowd, it was impossible to talk to every one.

In a sermon, T.D. Jakes quoted Forbes Magazine as writing that when you lose a loved one your capacity to think diminishes by 30%. I believe it. So many thoughtful things were spoken about my girl that day, but I was blinded by grief and unable to remember most conversations.

In hindsight, I wish I had set up a table with "Share A Memory" cards. Spoken words could have become written words to reflect on for years to come. While many companies offer the finished cards for sale, for the DIY Memorial gift givers, I am offering 3 designs, in both English and Spanish, under my Free Downloads tab.

The designs are printable pdf's. for an 8.5" x 11" sheet of cover weight paper. There are two 4" x 6" cards per page. Crop marks are included for precision cutting at home or your local printer. I choose the 4" x 6" size so that after the funeral they can be economically put in a standard photo album for safe keeping.

The downloads are free. Paper is cheap. Memories are priceless.

Key Notes:

  • It is best to use a 80lb. or 100 lb. card stock paper, not a text weight for the cards.
  • Even just setting out a pack of plain Index Cards at the last minute for people to write notes would be a blessing to those that grieve. I love fancy, but it's the words that matter.
  • Free "Share A Memory" Download Link